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Big Potty Accident

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Rex had made it 6 days without any accidents in the house after I got to the point I would put him in his crate everytime he had an accident. Well, I was just sitting on the couch and he squatted and peed.

How do you punish something like this? I gave a good firm "no" and put him in his crate. We are going to be gone most of the day tomorrow and I didnt want to leave him in the crate for possible 8 hours, but now I don't think I have a choice. Help!!!!
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When my Teddy was about 6 months old he had been potty trained since I brought him home, he peed smack in the middle of my bed....I was so shocked and just had to think why would he do that.

Well, he did that to let my daughter who was visiting and helping me change my sheets that this was his bed and she better not get any ideas...I laugh about it now and think how sweet of him to care so sounds to me like your little one was letting hubby know that this is his spot.

Now, my daughter still helps me with the sheets (I have a hand that does not bend) but I let Teddy know that it is his bed. I reassure him the whole time.

Rex sounds like he found a great loving Mommy to help him through life and he is trying to protect that. How very sweet.
, so take it in the loving way he meant it.

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As for Star Jones....always talking about what a smart attorney she was....not so bright in the real world though....poor little baby, no wonder he runs from her....just goes to show that having fame and fortune is not everything.

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