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Big Potty Accident

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Rex had made it 6 days without any accidents in the house after I got to the point I would put him in his crate everytime he had an accident. Well, I was just sitting on the couch and he squatted and peed.

How do you punish something like this? I gave a good firm "no" and put him in his crate. We are going to be gone most of the day tomorrow and I didnt want to leave him in the crate for possible 8 hours, but now I don't think I have a choice. Help!!!!
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Rex does have a doggy door that he is free to go out which leads to a box on the patio for him to go in and he has been for 6 days straight now. We were rewarding him by giving treats everytime he went out, but after about 3 weeks of it, I guess I figured he had it and we stopped rewarding him with treats and just started verbally praising him when we see him come in.
This evening, I started with just telling him no, but once I turned the steam cleaner on to try and save my couch he started flipping out, that is when I took him to the crate, I didnt say anything mean to him at that point and just told him to lay down. Usually he starts running around when he needs to pee, this time he was laying beside where I was sitting on the couch and just stood up and squatted where my husband usually sits (he had to work late and wasnt sitting there tonight!) Usually he only goes out to potty between 4 and 5 times a day, he is 9-1/2 months old.
I will try making a noise next time to get him to stop--once before I tried picking him up mid stream to take him to his door and he peed the whole way there! I would never rub his nose, I have read that was bad to do and I would never hit him like he was before we got him, he is scared to death if I pick up a magazine to read or a newspaper to read, he runs. He is a wonderful dog most of the time, but he does seem to have past emotional issues that we are trying to help him through.
Thank you all for your suggestions and I will use them, that is why I came to this message board was for help...this is my first dog and I don't know what to do. Thank you all!
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Originally posted by Holliberry@Jun 16 2005, 09:44 PM
Poor little Rex
sounds like he had a bad past life.  I get so sad to even imagine these little ones being so afraid, like you said of the newspaper
Who could scare such an innocent little thing is beyond me.  I need to go hug Phoebe now...

Glad to know Rex is now in a safe place...  I've got alot to do on the potty training myself, and we arent far behind you (7 months).  It could take a long time, but you'll get there!

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Thanks...glad to hear I am not in the potty training boat alone, the boat with the older babies! After I took Rex out of his crate, just a few minutes later, I hugged him and felt so bad. He is my baby and he looked so sad. He only tries to make me happy and sometimes he gets a little confused. Everyone tells me that I spoil him rotten, so I feel like I am on a tight rope walking...I dont want him to become like those dogs on the dog whisperer. I was just reminded by my mother in law that he is a dog, treat him like one, but I dont feel he is a dog, I feel he is a baby, especially when he rolls over in my lap and looks at me with those big black eyes of his! :new_Eyecrazy: I have been trying to hold him and pet him while I read a magazine or paper so he will learn that they arent scary, but that will take time too I guess.
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Originally posted by Teddyandme@Jun 17 2005, 09:56 AM

it sounds to me like your little one was letting hubby know that this is his spot. 

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That may be it! I have noticed that Rex doesnt not like when something is different, such as he is used to my hubby and I sitting on the couch ever night and this particular night his daddy wasnt there to hold him. I wonder if he was angry that his daddy wasnt home yet?
I just wanted to let everyone know...REX IS DOING GREAT! No accidents, I was out of the house for about 8 hours yesterday and he did great! That is the longest I have ever left him and it is on a rare occassion that he is home alone that long, but he made it!
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