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Big red spot on right side beside right leg????

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Hey guys,
So I gave Riley a bath today he got back from camping with my parents and while he was wet I noticed a big dark red circle on the right side of his front leg....??? I know he went into the raspberry bushes before but I would have noticed it, problem is I dont know when should i take him to the vet/take him at all or maybe im just being paranoid. Does anyone know what this could be/or had similar problems. The circle is the size of a small fist. And its weird because it is just on that side. Shouldve taken a pic when he was wet.
Please help with suggestions/advice.
Thanks guys.
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Dogs can get lymes disease........I don't know about dogs but humans get a big red spot called a bull's eye on them. Does it look red or maybe a bruise? I would definitely take him to the vet tomorrow if I were you. That does not sound normal and they can give him something for it if it should be lymes disease.
the thing is can a dog get lymes disease at an early age, rileys 2 and we got him 2 months ago. I would say its more of a bruise its definetley not BRIGHT RED
The lyme disease tick bites I've seen look more like a bruise than red. Very prominent here in CT (where the town of Lyme is and thus the disease name), NY State and NJ. Don't really know if it's in your area, but not a bad idea to check it out. Lyme can strike any age person or dog. It's from an infected tick.
I'd have the vet check to see if indeed it's a tick bite as others have mentioned. Now, ticks carry other serious diseases ( at least in our area of NY)...beside the lyme.
Tick or insect bite. Take him to the doctor.
did u find out ?
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