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Big Sister and Little Sister

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When I found these crystal iron-ons I just couldn't resist putting them on shirts for the girls. These two have become inseparable :chili: and I'm very thankful for that. It's like they know they are sisters. I'm also including a picture taken just for Dianne, CeeCee and Rain. Dianne loves to refer to Nissa as Miss Hollywood so when I found the sunglasses toy I just couldn't resist. :HistericalSmiley: Thanks for looking!


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Oh my gosh Kim, I wish I lived close to you, everything you make or touch turns to gold. :aktion033:The girls look soooooo much alike,:wub: when Nya grows up you will have to have different colors for them to wear or you won't know who's who
They are just beautiful girls and I love their shirts!!!! Your so lucky to have such a lovely fluff family!
:aktion033:Great shirts!!! And what a cute picture of Nissa as Miss Hollywood!! Love it!
Yep Nissa has Hollywood written all over her...The
shirts are darling.
Those two were just made for each other. And, little Nissa is totally Ms. Hollywood :)
I love the big sis/little sis tees you made!
You are so creative!
Nissa's pose is very glam! She knows she is a celebrity!
Those girls are way too cute! I love the T's but I think Nissa in sunglasses is priceless! That girl is Miss Hollywood! :wub:
awwh I love them :D
:wub:Awe-adorable and precious and love the Hollywood look!:wub:
Too bad little Nissa wasn't w/Tyler when he met up w/Sir Paul McCartney.
Miss Hollywood, it is so good to have you back where you belong!!! .....and little Miss Glamour Princess to boot~~~how devine~~~~Love those sunglasses!
Kim -- adorable pictures. BTW -- I really, really, really love your new siggy picture. The girls are sooooooooooooooooo cute together!!!. :)
love it !!! what beautiful girls those r ...
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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