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Bile Acid Test and Bloodwork tomorrow!!

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Isabella is getting a bile acid test and blood test panel done tomorrow. Then she will begin feeding on Dr Harvey's Canine Health. The retesting 3 months later after shes been on the new diet.Then later in the future move her onto a real home cook diet.... She is 17 weeks old...

is there any advice I should be getting?
anything I should be asking the vet?
Anything I should be looking for?
Just anything, anything at all??
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Be sure the vet draws the blood in a PLAIN red top tube NOT a serum separator. Be sure to stay in the office while they spin the blood down. A fatty or hemolyzed sample can affect the results.
Why would a 17 week old puppy be in need of a bile acid test and also bloodwork?
Every Maltese should have a bile acid test as a puppy. Our breed is prone to liver shunts and MVD. There are pinned thread above discussing this.
Every dog should have labwork done before they are put under anesthesia for spay/neuter. It is convenient to do both of these lab tests at once.
Thank you JMM...I wrote that down and make sure to let the tech know.....What exactly should I be looking for when they spin the blood down?? I've seen blood spin before, is there somthing special about this one??
If the sample is fatty (lipemic) or the red blood cells pop (hemolyzed), it can affect the results of the no point sending a sample that is not accurate.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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