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Zoey was 2 years old yesterday, 9/13. I just (belatedly) thought about putting her birthday in the forum info and need to know where.
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If you go to the top right hand corner of this page, you will see "Calendar". Click on it and on the bottom left of that page, under the calendar, you will see a "Add New Event" button.

BTW, pay attention to where you are posting your topics. This one was posted in "Health" and your one about the cartoon was posted in "Grooming". It gets confusing and Joe has to move them to the proper group.

If in doubt, post to "Everything Else."
Thanks for the info about birthdays. I will do that now.

I am not used to starting a topic and didn't know where I was! Will try to do better next time.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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