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Bisou in Bijou Dog!

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Sorry I haven't posted this we've had the Dragon Boat Festival this week, so I've been lazy with my time off from work.

Last Friday, Bisou received a very sweet and generous package from San Francisco! It's from Kristina..and she gave Bisou one of her own gorgeous creations from Bijou Dog.

The dress is a light blue with tiny little flowers on it and we love it!! :wub: I think this color on Malts is just perfect against their white coats and their dark eyes. Even my husband commented how cute it was (and that's saying something! lol). Kris totally spoiled us with the dress, tons of toys and treats! Thank you so much're such a love!!

Kris also included some fancy doggie cookies. I had to taste test them as Bisou would only eat it after I did (thank goodness Kris told me afterward they were made with human grade ingreidents). Actually they were pretty good..sort of gingerbreadish..the icing was really good! lol.

here are the photos (some of when bisou was nice and grubby and some are after her bath!). When I got home last Friday, I couldn't wait to try the dress on and show her the presents.

Sorry the photos are so big! I guess I have no idea what I'm doing! lol.

"hmmm, watcha got there?"

"Hey! who took a bite out of my cookie?! Momma???"
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beautiful fluff n dress and how wonderful of kristina to send those to u !
Bisou is the biggest sweetheart! She is just beautiful in blue!! :wub::wub::wub:

p.s.: Dig your blue nails also :thumbsup:
Awww...I love Bisou in her new dress. She's so adorable. She's such a good model in the last three pictures. :) It's so nice of Kristina to send them. :)
you're right!!!! That dress is perfect on Bisou!!!!! :aktion033:

She is one beautiful malt alright....:wub:

Isn't it fun getting surprises in the mail?!!!! :chili:
That dress is adorable and couldn't be cuter on Bisou. :wub:
Presents in the mail are the greatest!!! My husband noted how Bisou gets more packages than we've ever received in 5 years of living here!!

I should not be showing photos of Bisou so dirty and grubby (first two)..but what the heck..we're all friends here and we surely all have those days!!

Thanks everyone for the compliments! Baby blue is such a great color for our Malts!
oh, what a gorgeous little dress on pretty Bisou!!:wub::wub:
i love that color on her, so pretty, love the little bow too!!:tender:
what a wonderful gift from Kristina, so sweet!!:heart:

btw, i have also done the "taste test" before, LOL:biggrin:
Bisou - you little doll. Look at that beautiful dress on you.:wub2::wub2: She looks so petite and feminine in it. Just a little love bug. I especially like the left side one of her sitting and the matching bow! She really looks like she's modeling. Lucky girl:)
What a gorgeous girl. :wub: I love the dress!

Love that you taste tested for her, too. I've tried giving Leila fruit or other treats before and she wont try until she sees me do it first. They're not spoiled at all... :whistle:
What a cutie! She looks beautiful in her new dress.
Bisou looks stunning! :wub::wub: I love the baby blue on her, too! That cookie looks so yummy. How sweet of Kristina to send Bisou such a beautiful dress!
Ahhh Andrea..........she is adorable in the baby blue dress and bow!!! I love her haircut.........I just want to reach in and give her a great big kiss~~~She deserves all her presents!!!!:wub:
Bisou -- you are soooooooooooo cute. Love your new dress and your cookies look yummy.
Bisou looks gorgeous in her new blue summer dress, as she always does! It's the perfect colour for her but also for Mommy's nails, LOL!

Surprising parcel's are the best! That's so thoughtful of Kristina!

Yes, my husband also noted some parcel's more here during the last months! :innocent:

Hope, the treats were yummy!!!

Alexandra :wub:
What a beautiful dress! I love the picture of her asking who bit her cookie...she really does look annoyed by it.
That is Kitzel whistling at that cute "baby doll!"
He also is asking if Kristina wants his address---but I said "boys don't wear dresses" to which he replied: "life isn't fair." He is right!
Very pretty... and I mighta tried a bitty bite out of that yummy lookin cookie too LOL
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