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Originally posted by JMM@Mar 29 2005, 11:03 AM
The Dog's Outfitters carries Bite Not Collars.

My only caution is make sure you measure carefully! It has to be a proper fit for the collar to work.
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Jackie, thanks for the info. As everyone on here probably knows by now, I'm a big fan of the Bite Not because it saved my sanity when Catcher was neutered and saved him from having to wear the cone, which I (& my vet) am not a fan of at all.

It was a little tricky for me to figure out how to put the Bite Not on. The vet had put it on at his office, but when I took it off for a little while I wasn't sure how to put it back on. The photo on the Bite Not web site helped in that regard. Catcher probably weighed close to 5 pounds when he was neutered and they used the cat version on him.

For some reason, Catcher did not mind it on him at all. At the time, he was rather squirmy but he would stand perfectly still for me to put the Bite Not on him. It was almost like he actually liked it!
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