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Originally posted by Nichole@Oct 3 2005, 05:18 AM
Since I purchased Toby's pedigree, I have been Googling the championed names in and came across Blue Hill Maltese.  Apparently several of her dogs are in some way related to Toby.  AND, wouldn't ya know it, she has two male pups for sale. 
  Sooooooo, that got me to thinking and I could maybe do with another dog.  My question is has anyone had any dealings with this particular breeder?
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I am not sure where you are located but if you are near Blue Hill Maltese there is a breeder about 20--30 miles north of there in Brewton, AL who is on this forum. Her name is Cathy Lambert and she is listed under the members as CLMaltese. Her email is [email protected] She just had a litter of pups a week or so ago and I think she may have one available. I know she does not ship. I had at one time checked with Blue Hill but I thought her prices were high for what most breeder call their "pet quality." Cathy's dogs are pretty dogs and are true Maltese standard. She would do you right on the price. She is a friend of my mom's and I know for a fact the Cathy raises her dogs under foot inside the living quarters of her home. Not in kennels.
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