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Originally posted by Brit'sMom@Aug 21 2004, 05:14 PM
How does Science Diet fare?  My Shih-Poo (who is all white and has very minimal tear stains) has been on SD for 8 years.  He is incredibly healthy and he loves his food...

I am feeding Brit'ny SD as well.  When she first came her Tearstains were kinda bad, they are still ver visible but a WHOLE lot better.

Is there a better food out there?  or will mixing cooked food/ or baby food with her puppy food work?

Has anybody used the new Science Diet Nature's Best?  I looked at the ingredients and they aren't really too different from the regular food...
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Tuffy eats Science Diet and he seems to like it okay. We have had some problems with him eating his poop and I'm still not convinced that it isn't due to him not getting what he needs out of the SD. Everyone from his vet to his trainer advocate using the SD but I may try something a little different when he runs out of his current bag. I do have to say though, Tuffy has minimal tear staining so I don't know if that has anything to do with the food or not, but I'll find out if I ever change it.
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