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I must be one of those "old ladies" because I've been using blueing in my laundry for years. Thankfully, I don't need it on my hair...yet. I checked the label on the bottle, and the product name is "Bluette" in a bright, royal blue bottle. Usually it's located near the starches and sprays.

Product Description: Bluette, concentrated liquid bluing can be traced back more than a hundred years. It functions as a laundry whitener because a trace of blue in the wash will enhance white and light colored articles, making them appear whiter and brighter. Safe and gentle even for delicate washables, stops premature graying and yellowing. Use for machine or hand washing. The best part is unlike other bluing products, Bluette may be added to detergent at start of wash cycle, no waiting until the rinse cycle.

Origin of Material:
Origin of Manufacture: USA

Measurements and/or Construction Weight 32oz.

Product Care and/or Use
Use 1/4 Cup per washload. Pour into water before adding clothes.

Safety Warnings
Do not pour directly on clothing.

Ingredients / Materials Ingredients/Materials
magnesium aluminum silicate, complex sodium aluminum sulfo-
silicate, hydroxymethyl amino ethanol, perfume, soduim
carboxymethyl cellulose, water

(from VT Country Store website)

I hope this helps...
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