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Anyone know of a cheap place to by bonemeal for home-prepared meals? I found a place that has the Solid Gold one(I think it is 2lbs) for $19 locally. That is the cheapest I found. I did find some on the internet but by the time you add shipping it is just as much if not more.
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The GNC that I went to at the mall didn't have it. There is one more that I'm going to check out. There is also a natural food store that I need to look at. I went to one of the chains last weekend and they didn't have any but said another location might. So I need to call them and see.
Originally posted by littlepeanut@Aug 11 2005, 08:21 PM
Here's solid gold bone meal from petfooddirect
It's about $14 but not sure about shipping
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With shipping it ends up being over $20.
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Found it on ebay for $9 but shipping is $9 so it isn't really worth it.
Originally posted by LadysMom@Aug 12 2005, 08:13 AM
Revival has it for $12.49 and their shipping is reasonable, about $4. If you are doing home cooked, you probably need other supplements and I have found their prices to be the best. If you are ordering several items, it will make it worth the $4 shipping. Remember, you won't have to pay tax.
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What is their website?
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