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bones for puppies

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Are bones from an eaten steak appropriate for an 11 week old? If not can maltese ever have them? If so. How old should they be?
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Never give a dog a cooked bone as it can splinter and seriously hurt the dog.
Bones should never be given to a maltese .
they will splinter .
NEVER give cooked bones
Aside from the splinter factor, I think malt's teeth aren't really designed for them. Our first malt fractured a tooth chewing a steak bone (we didn't know better). I felt horrible :( Instead, I know give them a tidbit or two of the yummy steak itself ;)
You could buy her some sweet potato chews....dogs usually love them!
You can get uncooked knuckle or marrow bones from your butcher. Never, never cooked!!!
Where would I buy some of these?
Our dog store sells them... but you can also get them online (just google ;))
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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