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Book Question

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I know this is a weird question, but maybe one of you knows anything about book binding?

I am going to finally order the Time Traveler's Wife. However, I prefer hardback books over paperback, so I have to order it online. And I see 2 different hardback verions.

One The Time Traveler's Wife [Hardcover] The Time Traveler's Wife (9781931561464): Audrey Niffenegger: Books

And the other Time Traveler's Wife (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) (Harvest Reading Guides (Prebound)) [Library Binding] Time Traveler's Wife (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) (Harvest Reading Guides (Prebound)) (9781417642144): Audrey Niffenegger: Books

What the heck does all that mean? One says hardcover, one says turtleback school and library binding eidtion, prebound, library binding. What is the difference??
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I always order the regular hardcovers, not the library/school bindings, as they usually have plastic covers over them like a library book.
Ohhh do you mean like how a regular hardcover has a plain material like cover, but then a paper dust jacket. And then the library books might just be hard printed covers? Or yeah I recall the plastic over library books from when I used to go.

So I guess I'll order the hardcover then, not the library binding. Thanks!
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