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Bow Making

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So I went to the store today to buy a poster board for a class project and like the distracted person I am ended up buying pretty satin and grosgrain ribbon for the maltese I have yet to own. I got black, brown, blue, baby blue, orange and green!! B) :aktion033:

Anyway...still being distracted....I was wondering if anyone had a good tutorial for making bows? I haven't made any yet and I think it would be a fun hobby to get into to make bows for my soon to come pup. I think the one I like is just the simple "single loop bow". Is that what its called? I'd really like a fun tutorial if anyone has one!! Thanks... and I will go back to my homework while waiting. :HistericalSmiley:
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Oh well... I guess this is a sign I should do homework instead! Ha
I'm not a bow maker and not familiar with the style that you are talking about but whenever I really need to find something with crafts I always go through Utube - they have the BEST tutorials there! I've seen bow making ones I just didn't save them :(
I was going to suggest Youtube too. I watched several on there.
Some of the bow supply sites have instructions you can buy.
thanks :) i found some on youtube but not the same style. im going to look some more
no help here - don't have bow making info, but I see that you were provided with some good places to start with your info search ;) all the best and have fun learning and making bows :D

Bella Rose- - Thanks! I don't know if I want to buy this though unless I know what kind of bows it teaches you to make. Have you used it?

Kat- - Thanks! I hope I find out how and it is as fun as it seems!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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