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I had ordered about 10-12 new summer bows from Marj (Ladysmom) about a month ago. I had not put them in my bow boxes yet because I've been trying to match fabric to make some outfits to match the bows.

They were sitting on my desk, still in the open box that Marj mailed them in and still in the cellophane that she uses to pack them. The cellophane bags were open and I kept taking out the bows and comparing them to various fabrics online.:thumbsup:

Tilly just couldn't resist. :smpullhair: She loves cellophane as her treats come in cellophane bags (from Buddy Biscuits) and I guess she thought that there must be something yummy in the cellophane bags that the bows were in. :Happy_Dance:

Only Tilly can get onto my desk (Lacie's too small) and so I know that she's the one that got the bows out. They were scattered all through the house and I still haven't found 4 of them. :smilie_tischkante: For a change, she didn't destroy the bows or harm them, just put them all over the house. I'm sure that I will find the others when I clean this weekend.

When she was younger, Tilly loved to take bows out of Lacie's topknot when they were playing and then she would ruin them :angry:eek:r sometimes just get the startch out of them. Marj has had to replace a number of ruined bows over the years for me and sometimes she's just been able to fix them.:aktion033:

I don't know why she does this and why she's so fasinated with bows. ;) These were far behind my computer screen, so I'm not sure how she even found them, the little Twit.

Many where up on the kitchen table. She loves to sit on the table and look out the window and she seems to put many of her favorite things up there out of Lacie's reach. (as if Lacie cares at all about Tilly's things. :LOL:)

Wish me luck on locating the rest of the bows tomorrow.
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