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Okay, after hearing that I was not the only one who had a problem brushing legs, I got to thinking that I needed a big round soft noose sort of thing. I wanted something that would hold Poppy's head up, be soft and safe ... but keep his head almost immobile.

So ... I took one of the noose thingees off the grooming table, and wrapped a dish towel around it, over and over, and then taped it at both ends.

If you can't think of what I'm talking about ... think of when a new tree is planted. They put strong wire around the tree to support it. To ensure the wire doesn't cut into the tree, they wrap the wire. That is what I did with the noose.

It worked perfect. It snuggles around Poppy's neck and head, so I know he can't get hurt if he does jiggle ... but he didn't jiggle. Might be beginners luck, but it sort of put him in a still stance, and I gently combed his legs while talking to him real sweet. :wub:

Hopefully it wasn't beginners luck, and Poppy will learn that I am not trying to kill him when brushing his legs. :LOL:

HUGz! Jules
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