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I got my business cards I did online at U - Printing online . So easy,I did my own w/ a blank template inserted images and text and background colour. It was so easy.
They came today,and for less than $40 I got 1,000 and they're nice. I go tthem on glossy paper,they're a nice heavy paper stock too. Not as nice as the ones I paid to have done for my first store,but I paid several hundred dollars for those.
Bu I have to say these came out really nice. Let's face it,we'll give these away and people will stuff them,who knows where or they'll end up in the trash or on the floor of the bathroom at a convention center...

These are so nice,if I'd known about them,I would have done them in U-Printing online again.
I wish I could have scanned them in to show how really nice they came out.Much better than what I expected...
See my signature,I put it into my siggy. It came out many times better than my scan on my siggy. Try them,you won't be dissappointed,especially if you wan tto do photo cards,which are sooo expensive!
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