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By Request: Rocco the Smurf

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In another post, I wrote about how when I was cleaning my spice drawer this morning, Rocco watched and waited till I turned my head to throw something away. He got into the blue food coloring.
I was asked to post a picture of him decorated as a Smurf.
Here he is, two face washings and a full body bath later. He thinks he's quite dapper.


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OMG Funny!! Rocco the Smurf! Has an adorable ring to it!!
Awwww, that's too cute - I hope he learned his lesson, but then again, nah - blue looks great on him LOL!
Rocco!! Are you wanting your momma to go crazy with the spa lavish?!

He's still adorable though... :wub: all smurfed up and all :D I love how he looks proud of himself!
smurf face adorable!!
awwhh, that MUST be the sweetest smurf around.
what an adorable little face.
lol that is too cute :D

It's a lovely shade of blue! Awww...ANY shade of blue would be lovely on that cutie patootie!
Thank you all for the sweet comments. I found where he hid the bottle of blue, under his blanket, under the table, so there will be no more color experimentation.
Another day or two of face washing and he should be back to his normal whiskers!
As I have said many times, blue looks so good on maltese - Rocco is no exception :) Cute!
:HistericalSmiley::HistericalSmiley:Made me smile!!! Very cute.
I love it. A new style icon. All of our little ones must be heading to the pantry. ;)

I love that photo!! It totally me me LOL!!! What a CUTIE!!!:wub:
Wow look away for a minute and see what happens.
Very cute in blue.
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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