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Cadeau: the Male Model

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I was soooooo excited today to go out to my mailbox and find our package from Pampered Pet Boutique. I couldn't help myself. I didn't wait to get inside and open it properly with a box cutting tool. I tore into the thing right there on the curb. I felt a little ashamed of myself when I saw how beautifully packaged everything inside was as I was tearing it all apart. :blush:

Anyway, I couldn't wait to get inside and try Cadeau's new outfit on him. :wub: Here he is in his seersucker jumping frog overalls:

We also ordered him some cool dude shades :supacool:

I am SOOOOOO in love with this outfit on him. I think he likes it, too. Thanks Crystal for offering this fantastic addition to your store. :thmbup:Thanks also to Des. I am very impressed. :thumbsup:
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Oh my Gosh! Cadeau....he's going from the ring....right onto the fashion runway!!!!!!! :aktion033::aktion033: I can't believe it!!!!
OMG Carina!!! Wait till Crystal sees your hansome model. He looks INCREDIBLE! Like it was made for him!!!!! Oh he is precious and looks precious. Over the top cute!! LOVE IT!!
:wub: awww what a handsome littleman in his new outfit andB) he's stunning
Oh goodness he is just the cutest thing ever!!! :wub::aktion033:

What a perfect fit those overalls are on him, they were meant for him for sure! I love the Doggles...they look so cool on him...does he tolerate them??
Oh!!How adorable.The cuteness factor is over the top!!!
WOWZERSSS I don't think I've ever seen Cadeau in clothes and I gotta say that I love it!! He sure knows how to pull the outfit off. He's absoolutely gorgeous! Is this the first time he wears tehe doggles too? Looks like he likes them. Yay! Another boy on SM with a fashionable attitude!!
Cadeau looks fabulous. I love him in his overalls and shades.:wub:
He looks amazing in both his glasses and over alls! Cadeau's just too adorable! :wub:
OMG Carina........he is a cool dude!!! I love it, he needs to get with Jett and model for a catalogue!! He is darling in that frog outfit!!! Love those sunglasses too~~~You need to take him out and show him off!!:chili::chili::chili:
OMG he's so adorable in that,I gotta get one for Rylee. I'm checking out their site right now.
He is one cool dude:thumbsup: I love the overalls and the shades!
Oh my goodness!!!! Cadeau is just the most gorgeous boy :wub: Will he keep those sunglasses on? They are just adorable on him as is that unbelieveably cute outfit. Loved these pics!! I think Maisie is in love :wub:.
He looks so handsome :wub: The shades are really cool. I am pretty sure Lola would take them straight off.
Oh Carina...LOL...that is SO STINKIN' KEWT!!!!! I LOVE his duds.. WHAT a dude!!!!

still laughing....
oh now those overalls are absolutely ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the one photos of side view with his head turned toward back! :wub: .... and oh those shades are soooooooooo cute too! I must get a pair for Naddie! ( she HAS to wear glasses/UV protection when outside in bright sun for any length of time due to her eye condition. I don't recall seeing the doggle ones as 'cool' as those you got!

I'm so thrilled to see Cadeau in his new outfit! Wowza you were quick on the pics! Oh he looks fantabulous! I'll admit I was nervous when you said this would be the first time he was dressed and you put him in pants. :unsure: I normally recommend starting out with a simple t. lol But Cadeau is a PRO! Pants AND shades. He can do anything.

I'm so honored that you got Cadeau's first outfit from me. :wub:

We'll have to see if Des is up for more of my ideas for this fall. :rolleyes:
LoL!!! Those shades are adorable on him!! too cute!!
1 - 20 of 39 Posts
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