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Camel Friends in Florida!

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When i got home from work tonight and checked the mail the pups received a box all the way from Dubai. Kat, Snowy and Crystal sent Chloe, Riley and Noelle some friends. I didn't get home until late and will be taking pictures this weekend to post with the kids and their new camel friends. Thank you Kat, Snowy and Crystal for your kindness and thoughtfulness.

Chloe, Riley and Noelle
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Wow! Now you have a house full of camels!
What fun!
That Kat sure is one in a million!
Awesome!! Can't wait to see the pictures of your new camels :p
Isn't Kat just the sweetest girl?!? What a nice surprise to come home and find!
I know that you and your Sweetie's felt so happy about the camel's!
It's so sweet and thoughtful of Kat and of course Snowy and Crystal!

Can't wait to see photos!!! :chili:

Alexandra :wub:
That is wonderful.........camels are so nice!!! Kat is one of the sweetest, most generous person I have ever known. She is one of a kind and has made so many of us happy!!! We love you Kat!!!!:chili::chili::chili:
Alright!! Woohoo!!!! :chili::chili:Kat is one of a kind and she has made SM such a sunny place!!! Hope your fluffers enjoy the camels!!
Woo Hoo! Can't wait to see them!
Aren't those camels the cutest toys and isn't that Kat the best? She's so giving and is such a big part of SM and so are you Debbie. :wub:
Can't wait to see the pups pictures with their new friends.
hugs to you and your girls
Congratulations! Welcome to the Camel club!

Kat is the sweetest most generous person I think I know! ....and creative too :thumbsup:
Congratulations, how lovely. Kat is so sweet. I am really looking forward to the pictures. :chili:
How sweet of Kat! I just love camel pictures!
oh, what a wonderful surprise and how sweet of Kat!!!:chili::chili:
cant wait to see the pics!!:thumbsup:
You definitely deserve it!

Can't wait to see pics of your babies! :wub::wub::wub:
I am happy to know that camels made it to your place safe and sound and that the malts loved them *happy dance* Can't wait to see pictures ^_^

The camels are moving all the time:chili: don't you LOVE Kat:wub: she is such a wonderful friend
Debbie you know if any one deserves to be spoiled it's you, you are ALWAYS giving:wub:
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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