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Can anyone help me?

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Hi Everyone!

I have a question…
As most of you know, I live in Australia and clothing for my baby girl is non-existent around here! I would like to order some clothing from but this is what the website says:

"... INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: Yes, we can ship internationally, however, there are a few more requirements to ship to destinations outside the U.S. We have a $350.00 merchandise minimum. We do not pay freight on international orders. The freight is calculated by weight and destination and ships USPS..."

I can’t afford $350 US on clothing for my little girl (that’s roughly $445 Australian – there’s only so much clothing a puppy can have!!!)!!

So, I was wondering whether anybody who lives in the US would be willing to order on my behalf (then the order only has to be over $25US) and post the items to me? I would of course attend to all costs associated etc… -_-

If anyone could help me please let me know... it would be greatly GREATLY appreciated!
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I've ordered from the Barkingdogclothes too and was very happy with the clothes! She was nice to work with and quick!!!
Custom made clothes by the measurements of your dog and even added leash holes on request and made the underside shorter for the male dogs if you wanted. I loved her!!!
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