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Can anyone help me?

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Hi Everyone!

I have a question…
As most of you know, I live in Australia and clothing for my baby girl is non-existent around here! I would like to order some clothing from but this is what the website says:

"... INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: Yes, we can ship internationally, however, there are a few more requirements to ship to destinations outside the U.S. We have a $350.00 merchandise minimum. We do not pay freight on international orders. The freight is calculated by weight and destination and ships USPS..."

I can’t afford $350 US on clothing for my little girl (that’s roughly $445 Australian – there’s only so much clothing a puppy can have!!!)!!

So, I was wondering whether anybody who lives in the US would be willing to order on my behalf (then the order only has to be over $25US) and post the items to me? I would of course attend to all costs associated etc… -_-

If anyone could help me please let me know... it would be greatly GREATLY appreciated!
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I am also a big fan of

Check out Jan is also in Australia and makes the most gorgeous pajamas/jogging suits. That's all she makes, unfortunately, but Lady has a couple and they are too cute for words!
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