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My little Baby Gizmo is very spoiled! He has about 30 toys and everytime I go to Wal-Mart or the pet store I always get him treats, clothes or a toy. He has also claimed my son's drum sticks, my husbands house shoes, 2 bath towels and an old purse strap of mine.
When I come home from Wal-Mart or the grocery store he is always in the bags being nosy before I can get started to put them away. He won't leave until you give him what you bought then he goes away and leaves you alone just like a little child.

:lol: The funniest thing that he did today is he was very angry about me removing his daddy's chair out of the house. I replaced it with an antique love seat my mother gave me because he deystroyed the chair by digging under the cushions until the springs started showing and very uncomfortable to sit in. I don't allow him on the love seat and he hates it. When he goes outside he pulls and tugs at the chair thinking that he can bring it back into the house.
He growls at me like saying will you help me mom.

I just love his personality! These tiny little dogs are the best. We never regret that we spoil him. He is definitely the boss of our house!
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