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Originally posted by Nichole+Sep 19 2005, 11:51 PM-->
Does everyone's Malts actually play with their toys?  Honestly, Toby isn't much of a toy player--it is mostly Wally, the Beagle, who loves toys.  Toby will sometimes play with them, but not as often as Wally.

@Sep 19 2005, 06:53 PM
I have not even brought home my little Sophie yet, but she sure will be spoiled.
  Hubby has already banned me from the pet store. There always Target, Walmart, internet ect.....It'll be our little secret

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Louise, Wal-Mart has some great toys for $1. I swear, I buy Toby the expensive toys and he LOVES the $1 toys from Wal-Mart.
You can usually find them in the pet department or up by the registers as the "impulse" buys. Also, we have a Dollar Tree near by and they also have $1 toys. I have found that they are usually small enough for Toby to pick up and carry.
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Nichole I was going to say the same thing. Cosmo's favorite toys are the $1 ones
from Wal-mart---I wonder if that is because they think since they are cheap
they will get more???

As for them being spoiled we are on the spoiledmaltese forum right?
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