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Our Sassi is going to be 6 this Dec. 1 and she is starting to drive me 'nutso' with the barking and running to people to have them pet her.
1. If she is in the yard and some kids are walking by she starts running toward them and barking...sometimes it scares the kids...although all she wants is for them to pet her.
2. When she is out 'doing her thing' she will bark at anything that moves!
3. When company comes she jumps all around and BARKS more until they get in the door and pet her. Many times I have to just hold her in my arms until people come in and get settled...all the while saying "Sassi STOP it!!!"

I am glad she likes people (that says a lot for the lady that raised her, huh?), but I would like to get her to stop all the barking it too late?

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