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Originally posted by Pico's Parent@Jul 7 2005, 09:11 AM
It's been breaking 100 degrees here in San Antonio lately and I ordered a Small Canine Cooler bed for Pico several weeks ago and he loves it!  I was so sure he would reject it because as a puppy he never liked his tush or tummy to touch our hardwood floors and would only "sit" or "down" on carpet.

I didn't even put a cover on it and he flops himself down on it just as it is.  Now, he is indoors all the time but we don't start our AC until the thermostat reaches 83-84 degrees.  And his room stays in the high 70's at night even after the AC is turned off and with a ceiling fan on him all night he is fine.

I may start putting it in his crate at night but I was concerned he might not want to stay on it that many hours so I've procrastinated on that.  Right now it is on his Dad's sofa where he spends many hours already either on Dad's lap, snuggled by his side or stretched out on his Canine Cooler Bed.
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<span style="color:red"><span style="font-family:Times">the bed sounds great. where did you get it from?</span></span>
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