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Canine teeth

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I have been doing daily checks of Delilah's teeth and noticed that her top canines are no longer straight, but somewhat slanted. Does this mean they are coming out soon? should I go ahead and arrange to have them removed. Everything looks a go for her, just worried about her bite! I don't want anything to mess it up, if preventable.
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How old is Delilah now? If she's not 8-9 months old I would let nature take its course and they will probably adjust fine as the permanent teeth grow in. If she is over 9 months old I would have her spayed and have all baby teeth removed asap.
She is almost 6 months old. I am not planning on spaying her YET, as we are starting her training in conformation soon and she will be Christopher's Jr's dog. I will just keep checking them. I will also post a pic of her teeth. I am not quite sure which are baby and which are perm so far.
Just a side note...spayed and neutered dogs can be shown in juniors.
Just a side note...spayed and neutered dogs can be shown in juniors.
Yep. Lucy is spayed and with limited registration and can be shown in juniors.

If you're planning on showing in conformation - just remember to ditch the collars and dresses!

Can't wait to see Christopher in the ring with the cute little Delilah! I think I looked at her bite, didn't I? Your vet wont' remove canines until the adult ones are peeking through. Good for you for keeping on top of it. I had no clue about retained canines when I got Lucy and I got hers out late.
well i just realized my dolce's adult teeth have poked thru n the other ones arent all gone yet , soo on the top his adult teeth have started growing out n he has his two ront baby teeth hanging there , one looks looser than the other. i try wiggling them but they are still not that loose.. he just turned seven months yesterday and i hvnt neutered yet. Is there anything i should be doing to help him speed up the teething process. ?

mrs b , sorry for hijacking ur post.
If Delilah is only 6 months old don't worry about her teeth at all yet! They will most likely straighten out on their own as they grow in.
I know she can be spayed for juniors. But I am not sure if we are doing her in both conformation and jrs or just jrs. We are in the to be determined stage. If she becomes Chris's junior only dog, then I will definately have her spayed! Now if Jae-Mars would return phone calls! This drives me nuts! I want to get into a class soon.
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