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Originally posted by paris+Aug 22 2005, 07:29 AM-->
@Aug 20 2005, 01:15 AM
Paris~did you ever decide on a car seat? I'm anxious to hear how you liked it!! I hope it worked out for you! 

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I ordered the oversized Lookout II. Received it in less than a week. Paris loved it! I was afraid she would try to get back in my lap but she just sat right up and looked all around. When she got tired she layed down and at one point I think she even dozed off. This particular seat was really too big (she weighs 6.5 lbs.). I wanted her to be able to lay down. I sent it back and ordered the smaller seat. It will be perfect for her!
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I'm glad she liked it-we have the oversized too and it is to big for Ruby (5 lbs.) too but I went ahead and kept it--I do wish it was smaller but......
The smaller one will be perfect for Paris-I'm so glad she likes it-Ruby loves riding in hers too.
Could you get the pink for her in the small size too?
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