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Carol Ann

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You're bring Beastie home today aren't you???!! I'm so excited and happy for you.
I know you'll be all giddy today but let us know all about it when you get the chance.

Welcome Home Beastie!
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Hope everything is going great. We want to hear everything!
Best wishes on your new pup...I hope all went smoothly!!!
Awwww, how EXCITING!!!
Anxious to hear all about the lil' furbabies adventure to the new home! :D
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I'm jealous AGAIN!!! Hope all goes well and Beastie settles in nicely for you!! Welcome home furbaby Beastie!!!
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We're dying to know how things are going with Beastie!
Hope to hear how things are going.
Carol Ann just posted on another thread!!! HE'S HOME!!!
Thanks!!!! He's home....I posted about it on an Introduce Yourself thread. You're very sweet for the big welcomes, and they were much appreciated! Now I can feel like I can contribute more. However, stop me if I ever begin to babble. Looking at Beastie and watching him could certainly cause some issues in the babbling department!!
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How precious Beastie is! You just go ahead and babble whenever......all of us here have at one time or another.
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