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Casanova and Bijou - Haircuts and Birthdays!!

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Thank you all for your input!! The pups both ended up getting a haircut today...The Japanese groomer said it is a "Town and Country" poodle cut...
The pups say: "We don't know what that is, but it sure sounds FANCY!" :innocent:

I looove it!!! Bijou looks so puppyish again, and the short hair really suits her, I think ... :chili::chili:
Also, Casanova's birthday is Monday. I can't believe he is two years already!!! And Bijou's turning one ten days after that. I love them more than anything; and it is because of SM that I found both of my babies, so thanks to you all....So without further ado, here are my birthday babies :wub::wub:


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OMG!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE their cuts - especially Bijou's!!

and Happy early Birthday Casanova & Bijou!!!
She looks great!!! Those are great pics of both of them!
I need your camera. Mine's awful. Bijou looks darling, Sophia. I knew you would love it.
Oh, wow, I think they both look ADORABLE in their new cuts! Haha, they really do look like puppies. :wub::wub::wub: Happy early birthday to the both of them!! :chili:
Oh, i love their haircuts! The both look adorable, but i esepcially love Bijou's haircut. Your right she does look like a puppy again. Could you send our groomer to Florida to give Riley his first haircut since i've had him? Lol.

Happy 2nd Birthday Cassanova!!!!!
They both look beautiful! Happy Birthday to them!
Happy Birthday, beautiful babies. I love both their haircuts!!!
I LOVE Bijou's new cut!!! :wub::wub: Look at those gorgeous eyes on beautiful Bijou! :wub::wub:

And, Casanova looks as handsome as ever! :wub::wub:

Happy Birthday Bijou and Casanova!!!
They both look beautiful...The groomer did a great job on both:wub::wub:
I absolutely, positively LOVE both of those haircuts!!! Wow!!!! I have to get bisou the Town and Country poodle cut!! Bijou is a doll! whoa! And Casanova is the most cuddly kissable boy around!! I can't believe he's about to turn 2 and Bijou is already almost 1. Time flies!!
I love their haircuts!!!!!! They both look gorgeous!! Happy Birthday to two of the most beautiful fluffs I've ever seen!!!
:wub:they are both adorable, I love the pink and blue touches, and Bijou looks like she is smiling.
:cheer: Sophia - they both look fabulous. :chili::chili: Bisou looks like she did when you first brought her home and Casanova looks so handsome with those big eyes of his. I just love them. Happy birthday to two of my favorite fluffs.:wub::wub:
I love the haircuts! Much cuter than the Korean cut!
Quite Gorgeous & Utterly Handsome!! :wub:
Sophia -- I LOVE the cuts -- especially the one on Bijou. I think I want to imitate it on Lacie.

It's hard to believe that Cassanova will be 2. The time seems to fly.

Happy Early B-Day you beautiful, gorgeous, handsome guy. And Miss Bijou, you'll just have to wait a couple of weeks to be wished a Happy B-Day. :)
Sooooo, you chickened out! That's ok, they both look adorable!!! :wub::wub:
they both look like dolls!! lovely, lovely, little dolls. Yeager is getting a major crush on Bijou lol!!
Awww! they both look gorgeous. You must be relieved. :smheat: and Town and Country is a perfect name for your babies haircut. Manhattan and East Hampton....... ;)
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