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Casanova Sick with HGE- Update Post #1

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Casanova has been admitted into the vet hosital with Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis (HGE). He had bloody poo last night and vomitted this morning. The vet did a rectal in front of me, and I was shocked that he was all bloody inside. We think they will be keeping him at least 1 if not 2 nights to get Casanova stabilized.

Does anyone here have experience with HGE? I am obviously really worried; but on top of that, we (including the vet) have no idea what caused it. We used to feed all home-cooked fish and chicken with veggies, but in the last few months have been feeding 1/2 home cooked and 1/2 Acana Pacifica. Could switching to kibble possibly do this to a dog that was fed home cooked only?

Please pray for Cas that he will be back to normal. I feel like such a wimp...I was crying when I saw the blood and I didn't want to leave my baby there at all.

UPDATE (Thursday night):
Thank you all so much for all your kind wishes and prayers. I am so grateful for my SM family! Thank you so much for your sweet PM's and emails. If I haven't gotten back to you yet, please know that I will and that I appreciate so much hearing from you.

So I spoke to the doctor again. She said that they have been giving him fluids and antibiotics slowly via IV, and that he is doing fine and resting. She is going to call me first thing in the morning, and let me know if he can come home tomorrow or if he needs to stay longer.

I have really been in shock this whole time, and now I have alot of questions I want to ask the vet. I looked at alot of websites, but can't figure out why something this severe can happen so suddenly. What in the world could make his GI start hemorraging? I don't think she is doing any testing on him while he is there. But shouldn't there be tests done now, or is that not standard practice for HGE because the causes have not been identified?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you all so much again. Casanova loves all his aunties here.

UPDATE (Friday morning):
I just called again to check on Casanova this morning. The vet tech said he was alert with no vomiting or diarrhea overnight, and the IV was still in. I have to call back at 9:30am to speak with the doctor. I hope this is good news for him to be released soon...Bijou is definitely not herself. She seems depressed. She keeps running around the apartment checking every dog bed in every room looking for her big brother-- breaks my heart. She did it last night, and she did it first thing this morning. Thank you all for your kind wishes and prayers. I know you are all helping Casanova, and I'm so grateful.

UPDATE (Friday 9am)
Yayyyy!!!! I'm soooo happy!! The doctor just called and Casanova is coming home at 2pm today!! :chili::chili::chili:(These Chili's are beyond awesome!) I have to keep him on a special diet and some medication to get him through the weekend. I know lots of you have asked me about HGE, so I will post what she told me below in case it helps anyone in the future. She didn't run bloodwork because the clinical signs for HGE are different than other conditions, and the priority was to administer fluids and antibiotics to him immediately:

HGE is frank blood. Colitis is the mucousy diarrhea. Pancreatitis presents with fever and stomach pains. She says there is no known cause for HGE, but that it could be stress. She said it used to be thought that it only happened in city dogs, but then it was thought that owners of dogs in the country just didn't know it b/c the dogs were going outside. Because there are no known causes, there is no way to prevent it. She says anytime you see blood in the stool, RUN to your vet with your pet. HGE is very serious.
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Oh no! I gasped when I saw the subject. I'm so sorry Sophia and will keep you and poor baby Casanova in my prayers. I don't have any advice on HGE, but I do want to send my best wishes your way.
I'm so sorry, Sophia! I hope he'll feel better soon. I don't know what caused it but perhaps the change in diet if he's sensitive to that. Hugs to you and to Cas.

Here's a little info on HGE although not much help. It seems diet isn't necessarily related.
Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis (HGE)
I'm so sorry. It is hard to leave our pups, especially when they are sick. Try to find comfort in knowing he is where he needs to be to get well. I have no advice on his illness, but your angel will be in our thoughts. You are a good "mom" to him, certainly no whimp.... you did just what you were supposed to do, you got him to someone who can help.
Oh no!!! Sending you some hugs and Mr. Lover some TLC!
Oh Sophia - I'm so sorry.I don't know anything about HGE. I just sent you an e-mail. I couldn't find your phone number. Praying for Casanova to get better fast and here for you if you need me. :grouphug:
I am sooooo sorry Cassanova is in the hospital. Please take care of yourself and think positive thoughts. The vets will take great care of him and will try their hardest to find out what caused this HGE episode. :crying:

I am not familliar at all with HGE so unfortunately I cannot help give any ideas on what caused it, but know that Cass is in my thoughts.
I've not had a dog with HGE but I do have friends who have dealt with it, in Maltese and in other breeds. The exact cause of HGE is unknown but some of the theories are diet, bacterial infection or bacterial toxin, virus, reaction to an intestinal parasite, etc. - but nothing has been proven. Stress may play a role in the development of HGE. Dogs that have an episode of HGE may be prone to another occurrence. I've known of two cases of repeat bouts with HGE. Treatment must be immediate, generally withholding food and liquid for a period of time, 1-4 days usually, with fluids and antibiotics given by IV. Many prayers being said for Casanova. Please keep us posted.
Lady had HGE three times in four months a couple of years ago. It is a terrifying disease because it comes on so quickly and they can die within hours without supportive care. With immediate vet care, they can recover fully.

Do you know what his packed volume was? Lady's first two bouts with HGE were mild (if there is such a thing). Her packed volume was only slightly over the normal range (55 and under). The last time it was 75.6. She was at the ER vet for two days, but she completely recovered.

They don't know exactly was causes HGE. Sometimes it can be caused by a bacteria so the vet will probably put Casanova on antibiotics. Toy breed dogs seem prone to it.

Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis (HGE)
Oh, Sophia, I am so sorry that he is sick. I will be praying for him. Please keep us posted. Call me if you need to.
Oh no!! I'm so sorry!! Will keep him in my thoughts today *hugs you*
Praying for a full recovery for little casanova
I'm so sorry he is sick :grouphug: I don't know much about HGE but Sparkey gets bloody poop when he is sick. I also feed home cook + kibbles. everything was good for a long time until Eagle pack holistic changed formula so I bought Acana Pacific. and then things went downhill. too rich or something. right away soft poop but then it turned to bloody. tired another food too but now I give natural balance fish and so far so good. I think HGE is something sudden and not related to food though, I have no idea. hope he gets well real soon :prayer:
Sophie, I'm so sorry Casanova is not feeling well. Sending hugs and
positive thoughts to you and your precious little boy.:grouphug:
(((((Sophia))))) Keeping my fingers crossed for your precious Casanova's quick recovery. That has to be so scary for you. Bless your heart!
Oh No Sophia, I would be just like you, I would like to say a prayer for precious Casanova.

Heavenly Father, my heart breaks when I think of Sophia and Casanova, I ask Lord for your touch of healing on Casanova's body, give the vets your insight on why this has happened to this little guy. Bring your peace to Sophia, hold her close, In Jesus name I pray. Amen
i'm so sorry to hear sweet Casanova is not well, hoping for a quick recovery. sending hugs and prayers.
I'm so sorry to hear this. I sure hope he'll be well soon!!!
Oh Sophia, just sent you a personal message. I am so sorry about the Cassman! I will say prayers for him..........I feel so bad he is in the hospital and sick. I hope he gets to come home soon!!! Please keep us informed when you can..........sending hugs and love to you~~~~:heart::heart::heart:
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