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The grass always looks greener on the other side. That's the thought that came to me while reading this thread. Personally, I think hardships are what define us and our personal strength. I'm only 30 but I've had some major hardships since I was 12. In a way though all those things have made me such a stronger person. I have friends who never had anything major life changing happen to them and they can't deal w/minor setbacks. Lots of people look at me like I have so much more than them or I've been dealt a lucky hand. I find that humorous b/c I've had to deal with the hand I was dealt. I was given lemons on many occassions and learned how to make lemonade. I'd rather have gone thru the things I did and at 30 years old know that my 2 feet can hold me up no matter with what I'm faced.

So I don't necessarily think I have the charmed life. But I've tried to make my life charming. This took me a long time to learn to do. My mother would always say to me that I'm so far ahead of the game, that she wishes she thought like me at my age. I have to try hard to project the good things in my life. Smiles and laughter are contagious. I try to give that off as much as possible despite all the challenges I have ever faced. Do I want to get negative about things? Sure and when I do I vent to my mother and DH. But I'm careful about who I vent to b/c someone else no matter how "charming" their life looks, has secrets and demons they have locked up and are trying to deal with themself.

Ok so I kinda rambled through this but the point I was trying to make was no matter how charming one's life may look, at one point they will face struggles for no life is struggle free. Or they may just be really good at radiating good out of past hardships.
Great post, Tammy! You summed up all of what I feel also :wub:
One thing in life I have and I am proud to have it is Adaptability .
Me and my husband started out at 19 and 20 with nothing and now at 39 and 40 we are pretty secure, but if I had to go back in life and suffer the bad times again I could. I think anyone who says they live life with no problems is full of crap.
Setbacks make us stronger and also wiser.
I watch stories and see stories in life all the time of people who not only have everything but also have extraordinary talent and still that isn't enough.
Take what God has blessed you with and always know good things will happen as long as you live your life honestly and always try to do good for others. It may sound stupid , but I live by that everyday.
Oh and always tell the truth :D
1 - 1 of 30 Posts
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