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I Dunno if people know this but I'm gonna post it anyways....

Sooooooooo I got a great idea to save some money on WEE WEE PADS.

I've been buying similar wee wee pads(without the smell) for way cheaper.

I was recently visiting a friend and the hospital and I noticed that they have wee wee pads and I was a bit confused but than I realized that it's for humans when they are on bed rest and can get out of bed to pee.

So I did some research on it and noticed that they sell it at medical suply stores and it's sooooooooooooooooo much cheaper than the actual wee wee. Lola is potty trained so she goes as long as there's one there. So it worked out for us.

It's smaller but they do sell bigger ones. I just use two still waaaaaaaaaaaay cheaper than wee wee from the pet store.

If any ones interested here's a link. enjoy

BTW.... Did I mention you get 300 of the underpads!!!
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