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Hi there,

is there a checklist that summarizes what you should do (and not do) before getting a new puppy?

If people logged on and went straight to this topic eg. a checklist they could see various things they need to find out before purchasing.

Often we read that someone has a new puppy and didn't know the age (not less than 12 weeks) , not to have the young puppies out on the ground before needles, not knowing about making a vet appt right away and other things. Others comment and add these things, but of course, no one can think of everything in one post.

People can still give comments and advise but also refer the person to the checklist if they haven't seen it.

But if there is a list it can be found in one place it might make the potential owner more knowledgable and hopefully make better decisions. Lurkers might benefit too if they don't want to ask questions and can't find specific answers without a lot of weeding thru threads.

also we could add ,info or links about fostering, adopting older dogs from breeders, rescues.

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