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Chicks :)

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Yesterday, I went to my moms house and noticed that there was a hen with 10 baby chicks. I went to her nest and found two unhatched eggs! :) They were cold though. :angry: One egg had a little hold in it and the chick inside wasn't moving. I decided to go ahead and see if I could bring it back so I warmed it up and started slowly pulling away tiny pieces of the shell. It was still alive! :chili:I had put the other egg in my pocket, which didn't have any holes poked in it, and forgot about it. I kept hearing peeping, but it wasn't from the chick that I was drying out in my hand. It was my pocket! I had to help it out too since it was so cold, but I'm SO GLAD that I went back to the nest to save them.


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VERY COOL!!!!! You saved two babies...and THEY ARE SOOOOO CUTE!!!! I wish I could hear the peeping
The first picture is of them drying after hatching, the third is Reese sleeping in my pocket, and the third picture is of them both sleeping on their backs. I'm sure it's hard to be a chicken when you're raised by a person. lol

The dark speckled one is Scuttle and the blonde one is Reese.
Thanks! Their little peeps are too precious. :wub:
awwwh!! there are the real tiny Katkootas (chicks) .. TOO CUTE <3 thanks for sharing

oh that is just so awesome ^_^ thanks for being there on time

omg too cute , n them sleeping on their backs priceless.
They are so cute!!! We thought about getting some hens but not this year.
Kat- I might just be a little too blonde. lol Katkoota, I noticed that that's your name too. Does that mean chick in another language... I really hope that I'm not embarrassing myself, but I have a feeling I am! :blush: lol and they're bantam chicks so they're pretty dang small. :)

Liza- Aren't they too cute?! I thought that they had died, but thankfully they just like to sleep weird. lol I had to poke them this morning to make sure, and they weren't too impressed with me.:unsure:

Erin- Why did you decide against it? I can't wait until I'm all settled down in the country so that I can have my own flock of chickens. I just love them.:wub: I love just about all animals though!
annie i had never ever seen a chick sleep like that , and when i was a kid i always had chicks around easter time .. too funny.
They are precious!!! Awwwwww you did great!!
These pics are really priceless, Annie! You're great and now you're Mommy of baby chicks!

Love the photo of chicky Reese sleeping in your pocket and the other one of both sleeping on their back!
Thanks for sharing with us!
Alexandra :wub:
Kat Does that mean chick in another language..
yes, "katkoota" is "chick" in another language :)
liza- me neither! Chicks normally HATE being on their backs. I always tried to make them pretend to be babies! lol Maybe the momma hen knew that they were going to be odd so she just slowly walked away from the nest so the other chickens wouldn't giggle at them sleeping on their backs. :w00t:

allheart- thank you :blush:

Alexandra- I'm glad you liked the pics. I thought about not posting them because I didn't know how many maltese lovers would also love chicks but in my mind babies are babies no matter what species! and they're all so cute :wub:
Awwww so sweet! I love the one in the pink blankie!
yes, "katkoota" is "chick" in another language :)
i learn something neweveryday here ! that why i love sm soo much :)
That is really cool. :) I can say chicks in two different languages.

Thanks Romo's Mommy.:blush: The pink blanket is actually my jacket pocket. lol They love just sleeping in there.
aww they're so cute, I could just feel the warmths and fluffiness :wub: I had my share of chicks and ducklings when I was growing up(they sold them on the streets where I grew up:sweatdrop:) they were hard to keep alive though :( I used to dig earthworms for them(this was before my insect phobia set in), but I think they enjoyed grains better. I did manage to watch one grow up though :)
wow, LUCKY you! I have been looking into getting a few baby chicks for our yard, but no luck yet...I think I need to spice up my Japanese a little first...LOL
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