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Chloe & Summer at work

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This is how they spend most of the day when they are at work with me.

I just love this picture of Summer

Thanks for looking
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CUTE!! they are just hanging out! How is Summer doing? Did Chloe adjust to her new sister and vice versa? I love that little purple bed, is it a flower?
They are both adorable! Love their little matching outfits too, ooh and Summer is soo itty bitty and precious.
That flower bed is a huge hit with so many dogs! I have a friend who has one for her pug and she just loves it. I have been wanting to buy one but DH says "No flower beds for Hunter!"

You are so lucky to be able to bring them to work and it seems like they enjoy it too - Summer's last picture is ADORABLE!
Love that second picture too. :wub: By the way they work REALLY HARD.
lol...that looks strangely familiar.:rolleyes: And I love that pic of Summer too. Chloe is such a sweetie in her booster seat so she can have a vantage point to alert little Summer to any encroaching danger. :HistericalSmiley: How are they getting along?
Your fluffs are adorable! You must love bringing them to work with you.

How cute! I love the way Summer is looking at the camera! :wub:
Donna -- I love that picture of Summer too. She's sooooooooooooo cute. I'm sure the girls enjoy being able to go to work with you.
Lovely pictures, but the one if Summer is exceptional :wub:
oh my gosh Donna I want both of them:wub: Summer is just soooooooooo cute, I wanna hold her
Donna - just one question. How the heck does anyone get any work done with Summer and Chloe around looking that way????:wub::wub: You've got the queen on the throne Chloe and the little flower girl Summer. Just adorable. I'm so happy that Summer came into your life. What a blessing.:heart:
How's your DD doing?:grouphug:
I just love the expression on Summer's face in that 2nd picture. So cute!
Your girls are really working hard! ;)
Napping, while their Mom toils away!
The least the could do is work the fax machine or go on doughnut runs!
But they probably wouldn't want to bring any back to share! Lol

But seriously, your girls are adoreable!
they r soo cute , and yes that pic of summer is soo sweet! Where do u work , i would love to be able to bring dolce to work
Ok, I want to know how you can get any work done with those adorable girls there. I would be so distracted LOL!

The picture of Summer is the best ever! You should have that framed.:wub:
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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