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I want to thank everyone for all the kind compliments.

CUTE!! they are just hanging out! How is Summer doing? Did Chloe adjust to her new sister and vice versa? I love that little purple bed, is it a flower?
Chloe and Summer get along just fine most of the time. Chloe doesn't have a jealous bone in her body, but Summer will get jealous if I spend too much time kissing and hugging Chloe and sometimes Chloe will get annoyed because Summer has to get right in the middle of us...yes, that is a flower on the bed!

they r soo cute , and yes that pic of summer is soo sweet! Where do u work , i would love to be able to bring dolce to work
I work in a law office and I only bring them to work on Fridays. I wish I could bring them everday.

Donna - just one question. How the heck does anyone get any work done with Summer and Chloe around looking that way????:wub::wub: You've got the queen on the throne Chloe and the little flower girl Summer. Just adorable. I'm so happy that Summer came into your life. What a blessing.:heart:
How's your DD doing?:grouphug:
Sue, sometimes it is hard getting work done because I keep picking them up and kissing them. They also spend a lot of time sitting and sleeping on my desk and Chloe likes to cuddle in my arms while she is on the desk...very hard to type that way!
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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