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Chloe & Summer at work

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This is how they spend most of the day when they are at work with me.

I just love this picture of Summer

Thanks for looking
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Aw the picture of Summer is one of the cutest ever! I wish I could take my baby to work with me too.:wub::wub:. Your girls are adorable!
I want to thank everyone for all the kind compliments.

CUTE!! they are just hanging out! How is Summer doing? Did Chloe adjust to her new sister and vice versa? I love that little purple bed, is it a flower?
Chloe and Summer get along just fine most of the time. Chloe doesn't have a jealous bone in her body, but Summer will get jealous if I spend too much time kissing and hugging Chloe and sometimes Chloe will get annoyed because Summer has to get right in the middle of us...yes, that is a flower on the bed!

they r soo cute , and yes that pic of summer is soo sweet! Where do u work , i would love to be able to bring dolce to work
I work in a law office and I only bring them to work on Fridays. I wish I could bring them everday.

Donna - just one question. How the heck does anyone get any work done with Summer and Chloe around looking that way????:wub::wub: You've got the queen on the throne Chloe and the little flower girl Summer. Just adorable. I'm so happy that Summer came into your life. What a blessing.:heart:
How's your DD doing?:grouphug:
Sue, sometimes it is hard getting work done because I keep picking them up and kissing them. They also spend a lot of time sitting and sleeping on my desk and Chloe likes to cuddle in my arms while she is on the desk...very hard to type that way!
oh, that is so wonderful!!!:wub::wub:
love the pics, thanks for sharing!!!
Chloe and Summer are ADORABLE! You're so lucky you get to take them to work with you. :D
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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