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Same here. Baby whipes when needed, but I do wipe the both of them with TP after peeing (when I catch them) to make sure they don't drip...drip all over the house.
I do the same thing every night before he comes up in our bed since he uses the wee wee pad right before we go to sleep. He's used to me invading his privacy.:blush: With the poop thing, sometimes there are cling-ons but not often. I did learn from someone who used to bathe dogs at a groomers how to hold Tyler backwards in my left arm so his rear is in front, face in back of me and supporting under his chest and private area with my arm and hand. Then I'm able to get his tush to the water and shampoo and clean it well. He lays there perfectly calm and I just end up cleaning the area that's needed without the rest of the dog getting a bath. It's been a lifesaver especially when he had the diarrhea following anesthesia and neuter.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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