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If Daisy gets a dirty bottom she gets a quick bum bath in the sink, her front legs go on the edge of the sink and her back legs down into the sink, then its just her back end that gets wet. She knows the drill and does not complain. Its not often she has a dirty bum though. :wub: Also she gets bathed weekly and gets a good bum clean on those days.

At about 5 months I started taking Daisy to groomers to get her used to going. The groomer does a shave around her bottom that keeps her clean, she calls it a hygiene cut. (FYI - I do not believe that show dogs have this cut around their bottom though, just in case your dog is a show dog).

I am just about to order some Pro-Line Self Rinse which I understand from this forum is a good no rinse product that helps to clean up bottoms or dirty paws, this might be an idea for when your dog gets a little bigger.

Good luck :thumbsup:
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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