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clogged glands

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Our littly girl is draggin her behind on the floor. From what I have found/heard it is clogged anal glands and I "should" be able to help release them on my own. Dont know if I can actually do it. Does anyone else help with expressing anal glads on their fluffs? She goes back to the vet on Monday.
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I would wait until Monday. If you plan on doing it yourself, you will need your vet to show you how to do it properly.

Lily is only seven weeks old, though, isn't she? That sounds a bit young to have a problem with her anal glands. Was she checked for worms?
yes, she has been checked for worms. She has none. She wmade 8 wks yesterday. Her bottie looks swollen and she rubs her butt on the floor everytime she finishes poohing and then a few other times throughout the day. This has been happening for 2 days. I have cleaned the area thinking maybe that was why but she still conintues.
It is not always anal glands.
I've taken my malt to the vet in the past because of her draging her butt but she was perfectly fine. The vet said sometimes if there is a little poop attached to the fur it bothers them That's what happened in my situation.
Oh I just read that your malt is only 8 weeks. When my malt was 8 weeks she was doing this also and her bottom was swollen too. The vet ended up giving me a topical antibiotic for infection and it cleared up right away. He said that sometimes when they poop some gets stuck and if it is not cleaned properly it can cause discomfort and swelling and also can lead to infection. I would suggest getting some ointment from the vet. Good Luck
Thanks ladies! I feel like a new mama all over again so concerned about what is happening with the new little one.
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