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Coat Handler Clairifying Shampoo Question

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Say I wanna wash my puppy once a week, and I use coat handler regular maintenance shampoo then conditioner every week I bathe her, How often could/should I use the clairifying shampoo?? Every 2 weeks? or every time I bathe her... I heard it dries the coat if used to often..

Also what order should I use

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You can use it every every two weeks to start. Order is clarifying, shampoo, then conditioner. Make sure you dilute the way the instructions say (or approximate!) I didn't have much drying issues with the clarifying, even when used every week. It's one of those things you'll have to play with and see what works the best!
I always heard that you should wait at least 3 weeks between clarifying shampoo. :unsure:
thank you ladies!!!!! This is the reason why I love this site/forum.... Im on here basically all day and learn so much!!
I would use the clarifier every third shampoo and then a conditioner. If it's not often enough you can up it to every other shampoo. :)
for the folks that maybe using coat handler or used it, where are you buying from?? I hate to shop online but nowhere near me seems to carry this product...I have heard good things about this product so wanna give it a shot.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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