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we have one of the rolled leather collars, and it is amazing when it comes to matting...or the lack thereof. but i do keep buttercup in a harness, simply because it attaches to her carseat better. she isn't a "puller" when it comes to walks. i always joke that i can carry her leash (retractable or otherwise) on my pinky and hardly even use any strength to hold it, lol. when she wears coats or things in the winter, she usually has her collar on. i wish more clothing for the pups had the collar hole a little lower down the back to accomodate harnesses. but i guess i can always drag out the old sewing machine and add a buttonhole myself, huh?
lazy lazy me.

sidenote...abbey's mom...she's PRECIOUS! i havent been on much lately, but i saw her pic tonite and made The Boy come over and see it, lol. i said "see! this is why we need a second one!" he'll come around eventually LOL!

ann marie and the "collar, harness, i dont care! it just means i'm GOING SOMEWHERE with my mommy!" buttercup
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