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After Angel's close call, it seemed like a good time to post this information about common household items that can poison our dogs, especially since many of them may be in our homes for the holidays:

I even found some items on this list missing from my first aid kit (and my first aid kit is so large I have to keep it in a small 3 drawer cart!)

A fresh bottle of hydrogen peroxide 3% (USP)
Vinegar or lemon juice
Milk of Magnesia
Can of soft dog food
Turkey baster, bulb syringe or large medicine syringe
Saline eye solution to flush out eye contamina
Artificial tear gel to lubricate eyes after flushing
Mild grease-cutting dishwashing liquid in order to bathe an animal after skin contamination
Rubber gloves to prevent you from being exposed while you bathe the animal
Forceps to remove stingers
Muzzle to keep the animal from hurting you while it is excited or in pain
Pet carrier to help carry the animal to your local veterinarian

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This is a great idea! Angel is doing fine,But in the midst of it all yesterday- I realized that I have no Hydrogen Peroxide in the house (used it a few weeks back for a cut and then on the clothing stains) And that's what you need to make a dog vomit.

I'm making a copy of your list and am going on a shopping spree-first aid style!

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I posted this awhile back, but it's worth reposting for new people. It's a list of items to have in your first aid kit from Bhei Jei Maltese.

cotton gauze bandage wrap - 1.5 inch width, 3 inch width

Vet Wrap -- 2 inch width, and 4 inch width (4 inch is sold for horses)

Ace bandage

first aid tape

cotton gauze pads

regular Band-Aids

cotton swabs or Q-tips


ascriptin (buffered aspirin)

Pepto Bismol tablets

New Skin liquid bandage (useful for patching abrasions on pads)

iodine tablets (if you hike and camp in areas where the stream water may not be safe for consumption with out first treating with iodine or boiling)

oral syringes (for administering liquid oral medicines, getting ear-drying solution into ears, etc..very useful!)

needle & thread

safety pins in several sizes

razor blade (paper wrapped for protection)



hemostat (useful for pulling ticks, thorns, large splinters, etc)

small blunt end scissors

canine rectal thermometer (get one made specifically for dogs)

antibiotic ointment (such as Bacitracin, Betadine, or others)

Eye rinsing solution (simple mild eye wash)

small bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide

small bottle of isopropyl alcohol (rubbing)

alcohol or antiseptic wipes (in small individual packets)

small jar of Vaseline

Specific medications YOUR dog may need (for allergies, seizures, etc.)
Also have the following around the house, and consider packing to take on out-of-town trips:

*Ottomax (ointment for ear infections)

*Chlorasone eye ointment (or a similar cortisone-antibiotic eye ointment)

*Gentocin topical spray

hydrocortisone topical spray (such as Cortaid brand)

ear cleaning solution (Nolvasan Otic, Epi-Otic, or your favorite)

homemade ear drying solution (1 part rubbing alcohol, 1 part white vinegar, 2 parts water)

otoscope (for examining ears)

Epsom salts
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