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Company for MEEEE!!! :)

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Da Mama says company is coming to see me!!:HistericalSmiley:

I'm waiting here. I fink I'm gonna be discovered!

I wish dey would hurry up. A girwl gets sweepy.

I'm jus gonna west my eyes. I won't get in my bed cause I'm not gonna sweep.

Call me when dey get hewah.... ZzZzZzzzz... :LOL:
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She just makes my heart melt looking at her. I love the dress! She is a sweetheart.
Gorgeous Miss Cosy........ahhh, Mommy, she wants to sleep!!! I hope she enjoyed her company!!!:chili:
Your photography skills always make her seem to live in such a dream world! Well, that and all those pink fluffy blankets and beds she has!
that is so cute, i love the way she talks!!:wub:
Well, Ava wants to know if Cosy had company!??!!!
You are a gorgeous girl, Cosy!! So are you sweeping or is your comany there?
Aw!!!! I love Cosy! She is the sweetest little thing! I love her little face!
I love the black and white dress with the pale pink bow combo, and of course the belle of the ball in them :wub:
I hope you enjoyed your company you little
sleeping beauty.:wub:
Cosy is such a little beauty...and I love her dress and her pink bed!!!
Oh baby girl:wub: did you get your princess sleep? I hope your company came to visit sweetone:wub:
There she is that cute babydoll, I want to love her up right off the screen :wub:. How do you keep the hairs above her eyes from breaking ? She always looks so "coiffed" and neat. I don't put Maisie's top knot in too tight, but the hairs seem to break anyway:angry:.
Hope you had fun with your company Cosy.
Cosy are you not just the luv bug, gotta love ya!!
Cosy looks so ready and pretty for her company!!
I love your new siggy too..that bed looks so comfy!!
she is soooo gorgeous
Oh Cosy. Tyler would love to come and visit you and he wouldn't keep a beautiful girl like you (in that pretty outfit) waiting. :wub2:
1 - 20 of 37 Posts
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