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~ CLASS OF 2020 ~
Paula (Matilda's Mommy) asked me to post this awesome picture of her granddaughter's graduation picture. 馃槏
Paige worked so hard for this special honor and they didn't even have an official graduation ceremony.
Paula, What a beautiful picture - Paige looks so happy and is gorgeous (I'm thinking she takes after you)! You must be so very proud of her. 馃帗馃憤

I love the symbolism of the "Class of 2020!" written on a roll of toilet paper. Special memories for sure!


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What a beautiful granddaughter Paula has. Congratulations to Paige! It's sad that graduates this year won't get the normal graduation ceremonies.

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Congratulations to Paige!
I love the photo---one for the books for sure.
She is a beautiful young lady & I send best wishes for her future! What a crazy, topsy-turvy world we live in.
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Paula is Blessed beyond all measure!
Her Granddaughter Chloe has graduated too!
Congratulations to both beautiful/smart girls.
I know your grandmother is so proud of you.
Sending love and best wishes for their future.
I'm not sure if I ever told you - I have a granddaughter named Chloe too. 馃槉


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What a fabulous photo!!!!!! Fun and happy, even though this year's graduates missed out on tradition...
Hey, is Paula ok??? Why didn't she post the pic???? Thanks for sharing with us though.
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