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I am infuriated that these pets are merely accessorizing some braindead idiot who cares only about themselves and how they look!!!!!!!!</span>

<span style="color:purple">I got my two malts because someone was breeding for "teacup" pups and my starving my Sweetie and breeding her all at the same time. At one year old, she was only 2.9 lbs. (btw, she is about 6 lbs now, and healthy). She was so small at 2.9 lbs, she could not produce healthy pups, and they became lodged in her birth canal, and she almost died. The pups did die. She, I believe is permanently anemic from almost bleeding to death, and her "spouse" Buddy, whom I have also, is neurotic at times from being so underfed. (he is now 8 lbs plus, and when I got him was 3.3 lbs.) They will eat dirt if given the chance. .....they chew on metal objects (we think because of anemia) and I feed them vitamins just because their little bodies were so depleted as pups, I am afraid NOT to give them vitamins!

I cannot tell you how enraged I become when I see someone USING an innocent creature to their benefit. Anyone who mistreats innocent anything.....children, animals, elderly should have a special place in heck to burn!!!!!

I believe that accessorizing comes under this catagory.
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