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Cosmopolitan Article

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Did anyone read this article. I get furious when I read about dogs as the "new IT accessory". I lost it and wrote in to Cosmo. If dogs are this years accessory, what will they be next year? There was a maltese included in the article and it bothered me so much. I've been hearing that Paris Hilton has apparently tossed Tinkerbell aside because she's too big and now has a new little dog to replace her. What is wrong with these people????
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That is why I get irritated with posts that want to know "how big will my baby be" when the puppy is 3 mos or 4 mos old. You have made the decision, made the committment, have the puppy. WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE????????? Presumably you did your homework and know what the standards are, have dealt with a repuatable breeder and know what the "expectation" is, so why are they asking now? If you are interested in showing and breeding you just have to trust your bloodlines and wait and see, if you are owning a malt because you want a "arm candy" you should get a stuffed animal. Do I sound harsh :eek:
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