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Yea I think it would be possible for her to come into season and yes get preg. but this would be like an 80-90 old lady getting preg and would not be good at all.

She should get spayed but I do feel that she is too old now to have an opp like that so you need to be very very careful, as when she is in season she will atract other dogs from miles away.

Yes you should have the male dog neutered as he will get her preg. and that opp is not so bad. He should'nt change much.

If you think she is already preg by how many weeks?

but by 4weeks you should see that her teets are slightly pinker, than her skin colour more rosey and maybe a little more protrouded ( excuse my spelling)
Preg lasts 56-62 days

signs that she is in season is that at first you may see her cleaning herself down below quite often and also if you look at her bits they will apear slightly swollen and will be bleeding a little.

hope this helps
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